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DewSpirit Publishing consists of Kathleen Chesnut and her two dogs, Red and Spirit, that is, until Red decided that he wanted to be the "ONLY" dog, and Kathleen found a home for him where he could be the "ONLY" dog. 

Kathleen is an author, publisher and pastor.   Spirit is in charge of security - as well as being the staff humorist. As author, Kathleen has posted her Pastor's Letters that she wrote while pastor of First Congrgational Church in Dickinson, and First Presbyterian Church in Belfield, ND (2005-2009), as well as writing written as Stated Supply pastor of First Presbyterian Church in New York state (2010).  She plans to post additional writing, as well as add other columnists whose writing focuses on healing and transformation. 

At this time, we have one columnist, Linde Grace White, author of Dollbaby.  Her column focuses on Transcending Sexual Abuse.    Spirit the Dog has a column with a different flavor, mixing a degree of seriousness and humor.  So at this point, we have three on-going columns, one written by Kathleen Chesnut, one by Spirit the Dog, and one by Linde Grace White.



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What's New at DewSpirit Publishing:

June 2012 Kathleen adds "Faith Important to Congregation" from the Gloversville Leader Herald

June 2012  Linde Grace White adds "Emotions, the Media and Life"

May 2012 Kathleen adds "Because We Serve a Risen Savior" and "God's Love Never Ends"

February 2012  Kathleen adds "Recharging the Mainline Church"

January 2012  Kathleen adds January 2012 "God is With Us"

January 2012  Spirit adds months worth of columns!   For even more months, click at left!






                Finding Yourself Dancing into Joy
                 by Rev. Lori Keller Schroeder with excerpts from
                 Dancing into Joy by M. Kathleen Chesnut

about Finding yourself Dancing into Joy










Dancing Into Joy by M. Kathleen Chesnut


From Bowker's Bookwire Review:

 "...Chesnut's work radiates joy and compassion.  It takes a strong will to live with joy, to decide each day that you will find the good in your circumstances and in the people you meet . . . Read entire review



"This heartfelt book is the story of God�s gifts of love and joy and the human journey from darkness into light. Through prose, poetry and a combination of both Kathleen a United Church of Christ minister, expresses her life experiences. Through her Inner five year old she connects to her personal, inner knowing and learns her lessons of healing. The story of faith has long been a church principle, and Kathleen weaves her own magic from the past into the present, making this a story of joy for all times."  

Shamai Currim PhD, Psychotherapist


Order Dancing into Joy for only $12.00 plus shipping and handling (list $14.95).

Learn more about Dancing Into Joy.

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