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Finding Yourself Dancing into Joy:
a Workbook

Dancing Into Joy


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Spirit's Page

I am writing a book.  I am a smart dog.  I am also a GOOD dog.
I get to write for the newsletter at my Mom's church because I am BOTh smart and good.  You can see how smart I am by clicking on these things here.
      2011-b-2012 Jan.
IF you send the Mom an email, she has PROMISED me that she will tell you when my book is ready.  She lives on the computer at
Spirit P(protect, pet, play, party animal, etc). Chesnut
P.S.  The Karen is the lady who works in the church office and pets good.  She also knows how to pick REALLY GOOD dog cookies!

Oh, Mom's book is here.   And Mom's special poem is here.

Copyright 2010-12 M. Kathleen Chesnut

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